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CNC Laser Cutting

Around 2008 rebCON management made a decision to invest in new generation CNC operated equipment.

After much investigation rebCON decided to invest in Amada equipment, a partnership that has developed and grown over the years.

Our second acquisition of CNC equipment was our Amada FO3015NT 4KW laser, capable of processing 3000x1500mm plate sizes and processing up to 25mm thick mild steel and 16mm thick stainless steel.

Initially we serviced our own fabrication requirements, however over the years we have grown a steady customer base that we laser cut work for, either using their own material or using our material.

We pride ourselves on competitive pricing, efficient service and fast turnaround times.

We will be investing in a new laser capable of processing tubular and hot rolled sections up to 220mmØ or 150x150mm square. Watch this space!

Enquire about any laser cut processing to


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